5 Days 4 Nights

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The exotic and beautiful island of Sumba is to which we invite our fellow photographers. This packcage is designed for 5 day and 4 night trip.

First Day
12.30 Gather in meeting point in Tambolaka airport
13.00 Lunch
13.30 Going to Kampung Ratenggaro
14.30 Daylight and human interest picture hunting in Ratenggaro
15.30 Going to Weikuri lake
16.30 Landscape picture hunting Hunting in Weikuri
17.00 Sunset picture hunting in Mandorak beach
18.30 Going to hotel check in in Rumah Budaya Sumba

Second day
07.00 Breakfast
07.30 Going to Weikelo Sawah
08.30 Human interest picture hunting
09.30 Going to cultural village in Waikabubak
10.30 Human interest picture hunting in cultural village
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Going to waterfall in Southwestern part of Sumba
14.30 Picture hunting in air terjun area
15.30 Going to Pero beach
16,30 Shark hunter and sunste picture hunting in Pero beach
18,30 Return to hotel in Waikabubak
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Check in hotel

Third day
06.00 Breakfast
07.00 Going to waterfall in southern part of Sumba
09.00 Picture hunting in Lapopu
10.00 Going to Waingapu
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Daylight in Bukit Warinding
14.30 Check in hotel in Waingapu
15.30 Going to Puru Kambera beach
16.30 Picture hunting around Purukambera
17.00 Sunset in Purukambera beach
18.00 Return to hotelhotel
19.30 Dinner

Fourth day
04.30 Going to beach in east sumba
06.00 Sunrise picture hunting
06.30 Return to hotel
07.30 Breakfast
08.30 Going to Kampung Rende
10.00 Taking picture of Kuburan para Raja
11.00 Going to beach in east Sumba
12.00 Luch (luchbox)
14.00 Daylight in beach
15.00 Going to beach near Waingapu city
17.30 Sunset in the beach near Waingapu city
18.30 Return to hotel
19.30 Dinner

04.30 Going to a hill near Waingapu city
06.00 Sunrise on the hill and ricefileds
07.00 Return to hotel
07.30 Breakfast
09.30 Check out and depart to airport.
11.30 Return to Bali